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Ultrasound Consulting & Education

Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) is quickly accelerating the level of care we can provide in emergency medical services and critical care transport. From differentiating shock to starting peripheral IVs, ultrasound offers a huge bang for your buck in this difficult environment. Black Cloud Solutions offers comprehensive POCUS consulting and educational services focused on pre-hospital (EMS) and interfacility transport clinicians.


We have a team of nurses, paramedics, and advanced practice clinicians that teach emergency and critical care POCUS tailored to real-world ambulance, helicopter, and remote/austere operations. Team Black Cloud offers engaging custom training solutions including online, hybrid, and live on-site classes.

In addition to training, our staff can help with POCUS implementation including equipment evaluation, grant applications, and the design of a comprehensive ultrasound program including training, competency evaluation, validation of studies, and use and decision guidelines.

We have experience using and teaching with a wide variety of devices and would be happy to help you select the correct ultrasound for your use case. For use in prehospital emergency care and critical care transport, we generally recommend EchoNous' Kosmos and are proud to be one of their selected partners for education.

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