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Team Black Cloud

Black Cloud Solutions was founded by a dynamic husband-wife duo with extensive nursing, EMS, and management experience across the entire span of healthcare, from the ambulance to the C-suite, and from coast-to-coast (literally California to Maine!) We are down to earth and approachable, yet highly educated, experienced, and honest. Our team is dedicated to utilizing our combined experience, education, and expertise to providing innovative, functional solutions that put people first while helping businesses drive forward progress. 


Kristopher Thompson

Kris has a wide range of experience across the entire spectrum of healthcare, including leadership, support, disaster relief, and bedside roles in healthcare informatics, EMS, and nursing (ED, ICU, flight/transport). He holds a Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) Degree from the University of Missouri, is a licensed nurse and paramedic, and is board-certified in critical care, flight, trauma, emergency, and pediatric emergency nursing. Kris excels in data analytics and has earned a Six Sigma Green belt.


Sarah Thompson

Sarah has experience in a wide breadth of healthcare, stretching from very-rural EMS to ultra-urban nursing (ED and ICU). She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Colorado. Sarah is a licensed nurse, Nationally Registered EMT, and board-certified emergency and trauma nurse. Sarah specializes in interpersonal relationships and communication, using these fundamentals to provide creative solutions to healthcare's most challenging issues.

In addition to our principals, we also have the unique option of bringing in additional results-driven consultants from our nationwide network of EMS, nursing, mid-level, physician, pharmacist, and administrative professionals. In this way, we can scale-up with specialized experience to meet the needs of organizations, while remaining nimble for smaller projects.

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