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Focused on using data 
to help people 

and drive progress

Our focus is primarily process and quality improvement in EDs, EMS, and both organizational and regional time-critical diagnosis (STEMI, stroke, and trauma) systems of care. Our consultants also specialize in professional development and training systems. We offer customized consultation services that identify barriers and optimize performance.

Our consultants can help your business by providing a unique, outside perspective; offering the dedication and bandwidth needed for these projects; and by sharing our vast breadth of experience as well as both soft and hard technical skills. Results can be substantial in business growth, recovery of missed patient revenue, and decreased HR costs stemming from improved staff satisfaction and retention.

Why choose us?


We've worked in and with hospitals from California to Maine; in disaster tents, rural critical access facilities, and tertiary academic centers; and at the bedside, in IT, management, and education.


We're real people with real experiences. We offer perspective as patients, frontline staff, and administrators. We're committed to finding genuine solutions, even if they aren't easy.


Each facility and project is different. We want to truly understand your community, your successes, your challenges, your consulting needs, and your overarching goals. Success starts with understanding.


We're well-educated and keep up on the latest trends in clinical medicine, education, informatics, and management. We are technically skilled in data analysis, people management, and much more.


Unlike some consulting agencies, we do not offer interim staffing solutions. Our goal is not to take-over, but to implement long-term, sustainable solutions and coach your staff to meaningful success.


We're nimble. Small enough to respond quickly and tackle challenges in a streamlined and cost-efficient manner, but with the option to grow our team of experts for larger  projects.

Our Consulting Services



Possible Projects:

  • Overall Performance

  • Triage/Front-of-House

  • Patient Flow

  • Overcrowding / Boarding

  • Fast Track / Vertical Patients

  • EMR Review / Streamlining

  • Nurse Initiated Protocols

Possible Results:

  • Decreased walk-out rates

  • Improved reimbursement

  • Decreased time to triage, room, provider, decision

  • Improved overall capacity

  • Increased patient satisfaction

  • Increased staff satisfaction

  • Decreased staff turnover

Time-Critical Diagnosis Systems

STEMI / Stroke / Trauma Systems


Possible Projects:

  • Overall Performance

  • New System Implementation

  • Regional/System Integration

  • EMS Integration

  • Communications/Alerting

  • Site Survey Readiness

  • PIPS (Performance Improvement)

  • Resolution of Deficiencies

Possible Results:

  • System Accreditation

  • Improved Financials

  • Improved Efficiency

  • Regional Quality of Care

  • New Partnerships

  • Improved Staff Satisfaction

Professional Development

Possible Projects:

  • Onboarding/Orientation

  • Nurse Residency Programs

  • Critical Care / ED Academy

  • Competency Programs

    • TCD​

    • Skills/Equipment

    • Annual Requirements

  • Continuing Education

  • Leader Coaching

  • Specific Training Goals

    • New Service Lines / Equip

    • New Service Lines

    • Clinical/Doc Deficiencies

Possible Results:

  • Improved Staff Satisfaction

  • Improved Staff Retention

  • Improved Quality of Care

  • Regulatory Requirements

Other Targeted Projects


  • Ultrasound Programs

    • Implementation/P&P​

    • Initial & Continuing Ed

  • EMR

    • New Implementations

    • Review / Streamlining

  • Clinical Quality

  • Documentation Quality

  • Operational Efficiency

    • Response Times​

    • System Status Mgmt.


  • Alarm Fatigue & Mgmt.

  • EMR Design/Review

  • Early Warning Systems/RRT

  • Sepsis Compliance

  • Culture Contamination

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