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ECG & Pacemakers: References & Additional Reading

I'm presenting on pacemakers at the Critical Care Transport Medicine Conference this week in Orange Beach. If you came to the presentation, I hope you enjoyed it and learned something! If you have any questions or want us to bring a seminar to your service, contact me at We should have a multi-part online learning module for pacemakers available soon!

Here are some of the best educational websites for pacemakers and ECGs, as well as a few key references from the presentation:

Learning Tools (ECG, Pacemaker, and Ultrasound)

Dr. Stephen Smith: Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog 

Tom Bouthillet, NRP: EMS 12-Lead

Drs. Avila & Smith: Core Ultrasound

Dr. Pradeep Wijayagoonawardana  

References (Articles of Interest)

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